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Fat Freezing – Cryolipolysis

Fat freezing can help remove those stubborn pockets of fat that won’t budge, no matter what you try. Fat freezing (or Cryolipolysis) selectively targets thigh bulges, muffin tops, love handles, back fat (flanks) and any other pockets that stick out. It is a safe and non-invasive weight loss option and can be done in your lunch hour. There is no pain and no downtime.

Skin Tech Clinic in York uses the award-winning latest 3D Lipo technology to help you sculpt your body by targeting those stubborn pockets. During the fat freezing procedure, fat cells are frozen to the point of apoptosis (cell death).It is classed as a one-off treatment. You may decide to come back for another treatment after 3 months once your results are fully visible.

Results are clinically proven to give a 20-40% reduction of fat cells in the treated area. The body then processes them through the lymphatic system over the coming weeks.

Fat Freezing Applicator

3D Lipo Shockwave Therapy

At Skin Tech Clinic we offer complimentary shockwave treatment straight after fat freezing. Shockwave therapy has been clinically proven to help improve the effects of fat freezing.  This will reduce the time you have to wait to see results by half, making this a relatively quick way to lose weight.

Many clinics are unable to offer 3D Lipo Shockwave Therapy, just another reason to choose Skin Tech Clinic for your fat freezing treatment.

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How does Fat Freezing work?


  • A membrane is placed over the treatment area to protect the skin and the applicator head uses a vacuum to pull the fat into it.
  • The freezing plates freeze the area down to -5 degrees. Fat cells freeze from -1 degree so a lower temperature is not needed.


Cryolipolysis does not affect any other tissues, as they are not as sensitive to freezing, making it a very safe treatment.  (Blood freezes at -18 degrees and skin and nerves at -10 degrees.)

We are a leader in this field and know that by offering longer treatment times of 45-60 minutes* on the body, we can give you the best results.  Some clinics only offer 30 minute body treatments, which will not produce the desired results.

(*This excludes the chin area, which can only be offered for 30 minutes.)

What is Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis or fat freezing  is a non-surgical, non-invasive  fat reducing  treatment. It works best on sculpting fatty areas and body contouring, rather than the whole body. It is not a treatment for obesity, the best results are seen on clients with a BMI of 30 or below, however it can help you with your long-term weight loss goals.

What does fat freezing feel like?

Initially, you will feel suction from the vacuum as the fat is pulled upwards into the applicator head.  The area will then start to feel cold as it is frozen to -5 degrees.  You may experience stinging or tingling and as expected, some numbness.  Most people soon get used to the sensation and read a magazine and relax during their weight loss treatment.

Once the fat freezing treatment is over and the applicator head has been removed, the area will be firmly massaged and the skin will soon warm up again.

Are there any side effects to Fat Freezing?

Although Fat Freezing is a safe and non-invasive weight loss treatment, you may experience some side effects. These may include:

  • Localised numbness which may last for up to 2 weeks.
  • The area can feel cold and firm and may be slightly red.
  • Some bruising of the treatment area that can last for up to 5 days.

When will I see results from Fat Freezing?

Each person is different and will see their fat freezing (cryolipolysis) results at different times: it is completely dependent on your own body’s reaction time.  Results can be seen from 3 weeks to 3-6 months.

Our complimentary shockwave treatment offered straight after cryolipolysis treatment reduces the time you have to wait to see results by half.

Are the results from Fat Freezing permanent?

Results from a fat freezing procedure will be permanent or long-lasting as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  If you gain weight after the treatment, it will be all over your body and not just in that area as 20-40% of the fat cells have been removed from that area.

It is good to see Cryolipolysis as part of a bigger picture, where you are committed to becoming healthier, have a good diet, don’t drink excess alcohol regularly and take some regular exercise as well as ensuring your body is well hydrated.

Is Fat Freezing suitable for me?

Most people can be treated with fat freezing but we always recommend you have a consultation with a trained and experienced practitioner to discuss your concerns, expectations and medical background.

It is important you feel confident that you have chosen a treatment that is right for you.

You may have other areas of concern such as loose skin or cellulite, which we can also work on after one week break following your treatment.  This will be discussed at consultation to make sure all your concerns are being treated.

We cannot offer fat freezing if you have any of the following medical conditions:

  • Pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • Heart conditions or Pacemaker
  • Have or ever had Thrombosis or Thrombophlebitis
  • Have or ever had cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Auto-Immune conditions
  • Heavy water retention

Cryolipolyisis is not a treatment for obesity.  Cryolipolysis works best on sculpting areas rather than the whole body, however, we are here to help you with your long-term weight loss goals.  Best results are seen on clients with a BMI of 30 or below.

How should I prepare for my fat freezing treatment?

  • No alcohol 24 hours before or after treatments
  • No caffeine 2 hours before or after treatments
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water per day for at least 5-7 days
  • Don’t eat a heavy meal 2 hours before treatment
  • Follow a healthy balanced diet to maintain or decrease your weight as desired.


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Areas Treatments
1 £90
2 £125
3 £215
4 £250
6 £340
8 £450
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Procedure Time
Procedure Time
1 hour (except chin)
Duration of Results
Back to Work
Seen in – 6-12 weeks
Side Effects
Side Effects
Very low risk –redness, swelling, bruising, numbness.
Duration of Results
Duration of Results
Permanent with healthy lifestyle
Time Until Next Treatment
Next Treatment
One off treatment. But optionally 6 weeks if shockwave used. 1-2 sessions needed.
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